Wednesday, 27 January 2010

How some condo associations in southeast Florida are surviving - and thriving

I've written in the past about the problems that many condo associations in southeast Florida are facing in the current tough economic climate. With general costs of upkeep (grounds, pool, lifts and so on) increasing, and some condo owners either failing to make their monthly maintenance payments (not to mention those units that may have fallen to foreclosure not being paid for at all), it is no surprise that some are struggling to budget accordingly.

However, the Sun Sentinel recently featured an article that showed that it doesn't always have to be doom and gloom for these associations - in fact, in one particular case, it's just the opposite. The condo association for the Melrose Point at Monarch Lakes development in Miramar (northeast of Miami; east of Hollywood) has managed to cut its cost by $30,000 by either re-negotiating current service contracts, or cutting unnecessary ones completely. They've also done their best to regulate maintenance payments, putting those owners that have fallen behind on payment plans.

The association is now (admittedly, self-nominated) for the Florida Communities of Excellence Awards, for which about 200 associations have been put forward. And they even appear to have a snazzy website (Melrose Point at Monarch Lakes Condominium Association) on which there's a private, residents' only section, as well as a page on which maintenance payments can be made online. How useful is that?

Article: Community associations find ways to thrive (26th January 2010, Sun Sentinel)