Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Article: You Think Your Condo Is Bad? Look At These Rules

The Sun Sentinel last week featured an article on rules that condo associations apply, in particular, the somewhat strict ones. If you buy a condominium, you'll have to adhere to certain rules set by the condo assoication. The majority of these are pretty straightfoward and refer to matters such as pool usage; not storing items in common areas; allocation of car spaces; garbage disposal and so on. There may be a rule about keeping pets - my condo board lets me keep a pet that weighs 30 pounds or under. I'm not sure my London-based cat would be allowed to visit, in that case!

Some of the more draconian rules that the Sun Sentinel highlights include one condo association not permitting residents to have guests after 11pm. Another development has its pool looked after by the four separate buildings that make up the development. But reps from the four buildings can't decide on how to proceed with pool repairs, and so the pool has been closed for more than a year.

Article: You think your condo is bad? Look at these rules (Sun Sentinel, 27th May 2008)